A dinner menu of delicious oysters shucked to order, plus a range of straight-up food.

—  dinner menu —

Well-loved, simple favourites FOR Luxury PunkS. 

—  Raw Oysters —  

—  Shucked to order, served with lemon & mignonette. Our selection changes daily and, occasionally, so does the price—

*Excepting $2 Tuesday, your new favourite day of the week when all raw oysters are $2 ea.

—  Cooked Oysters  —



  Our version of the American classic with which we share our name. Watercress, Pernod, butter & other things, under a hot grill   

Wasabi Tempura

Wasabi mayo, lemon & chilli salt.  



Oysters at Rockefeller

—  to share —

 — Olives
Warmed rosemary & orange. Negroni, negroni, negroni! 



—  3 Sheets to the Wind —
Grilled Scallops in garlic butter w bread to mop up the juices

—  KFC —
Korean Fried Chicken. Free range as f**k. Spicy sauce, small or large.

—  Rockefeller fries —
Thrice cooked, skins on, finished in duck fat. Served w truffle aioli & Heinz Tomato Ketchup

—  Tempura Vegetables —
Greens all crispy & crunchy w ponzu

—  Cheese —
Artisan weirdo cheeses from Callum the cheesemonger

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